The CEO Of Star Infranet Anand Mishra, Truly Inspirational

Anand Mishra is the CEO of Star Infranet, a company that needs no introduction in the world of telecommunications and digitization. Neither does Anand Mishra, who is considered to be a computer visionary himself. He is leading his company to utilize its maximum potential like never before, as they take over the local as well as international market.

Anand Mishra CEO of Star Infranet, was a go-getter since his childhood and always focused on what he wanted. He started working as a programmer only at the age of 17 and just within four years, he was leading a startup company. He then moved on and tried other jobs, working in travel companies and more. It was there when he realized the need for digitalization and of having an online presence and the power of the IT sector. This finally laid the seeds of starting his own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Very soon afterward, Star Infranet came into being and Anand Mishra became the CEO.

Star Infranet has achieved a lot in almost no time at all. Anand Mishra is quick to appreciate and motivate his team for their efforts. He claims that he owes his and his company’s successful performance to the team who has worked tirelessly with him to achieve their goals. It comes as no surprise then that Anand Mishra is considered as a true visionary in the field of computing as well as a hard-working and motivated individual. He claims that in order to be successful, one must understand the needs of other people and come up with new and different solutions in order to earn their trust. Anand Mishra acknowledges that he has indeed experienced a lot of challenges in his career, and his ride has not been a smooth sail. According to him consistency, hard work and perseverance is what matters when it comes to business success.