The Best Kids Songs Video for Bedtime

The best types of lullabies are short and simple. They have repetition built into them so it doesn’t over stimulate your child when you want them to settle down and get ready for bed.

This style also makes it easy for children to pick up on and sing along with you. Since lullabies often have repeating verses, there is a minimal amount they have to memorize before they are able to sing along with you. A song like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a great example of this.

Involving Your Children in the Lullaby

The success of a nursery rhyme is dependent on how involved the children get. This is why the repetition is so important and so common to see in other nursery rhymes. When you are starting out with your young one, teach them the repeating “twinkle twinkle little star” line and you will have them hooked.

Lullabies Are Not Just for Babies

Lullabies are suitable for young children, as well as infants. Children under the age of 1 will enjoy the soft melodies that lullabies have. As they get older, they will start to catch on to the words.

Sing lullabies to your child early and often. As they grow and their minds develop, you will see them slowly begin to participate more and more in the song.

You can make the songs more interesting for your children when they get older by adding hand gestures and small dances that go along with the lyrics. Get them involved and they will look forward to the lullabies and their bedtime each night.

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