How Can An Online Startup Improve Customer Experience?

Offering a great customer experience is something even some of the biggest companies often struggle with, let alone new online startups with barely any trust or a large capital base.

But that doesn’t mean online startups should simply go assuming that they won’t be able to offer a good customer experience. In fact, they certainly can, without having to break the bank doing so.

How is that possible? A look at experts’ profile like the Kartikeya Sharma’s LinkedIn profile here tells us a lot about what kind of approach to have (if you go through the articles shared there), so let us walk you through some key takeaways from there.

Make yourself easily reachable

If you customers have to spend upwards of 5 minutes just to find your customer service contact details to get in touch with you, you haven’t made yourself easily reachable for them. Make sure they find your contact details in less than a minute when they need it, and it would go a long way in preventing bad customer experiences even if you can’t reply to their queries in a couple hours.

Use automated tools to give them an update

Online startups with limited financial resources are often only a few employees strong, and they sure can’t spend all their time resolving customer issues. It would usually take them between 24 to 72 hours to take a detailed look into the problems their customers have expressed to them.

But it would be a bad idea to not give them any update when taking so long. So you can just have your email service provider set up an auto-responder for you telling your customers that you have received their message and will be getting back to them within 48 hours or whatever you actually plan to follow.

Give detailed replies, and ask for more

If you’re taking so long to reply to customer issues, make sure your replies, answers or solutions are detailed enough to make them feel the wait was worth it. Also, make it a point to ask them if there are any further queries they can assist them with, and it may certainly help make up for the long waiting time.