Rhymes and Sounds for Toddlers in Three Little Fish

Rhymes are one of the first forms of linguistics that we are introduced to at a young age. Rhyming makes the connection between pronouncing words and understanding them a lot easier. It’s easier for them to focus on the rhyming aspects of the words as opposed to focusing on each word individually.

Rhyming makes it easy for young children to memorize each word and pronounce them as they come. This is especially useful when they are just learning how to speak. The benefits are also prevalent when they move on to more advanced language classes in school.

One fun way to introduce rhymes to them is through nursery rhymes. Just like a song, a nursery rhyme contains lines with easy to use words that children can pick up on as a listen to the poem. The Three Little Fish is a good example of a song that is easy for children to understand thanks to the rhymes within it.

To make things even easier, Mum Mum TV offers animated video to go along with the lyrics. You can watch here to experience it for yourself.

Gibberish Versus Provides Additional Ways to Participate

This particular song resonates with young children especially. There are several lines of “gibberish” singing throughout the song. This gives toddlers a chance to chime in and freestyle with their own humming and sounds.

It’s a great opportunity for young toddlers that are not yet able to keep up with the full song to get involved singing it themselves. It comes up several times throughout the nursery rhyme, giving your child plenty of opportunities to let loose and go crazy along with the sing-along.

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